Rosette size may vary from model to model. The total width of the rosette may vary from 17,5 mm. to 22 mm. Inner diameter is 92-94 mm., outer diameter is 132 mm. to 137 mm. Rosette thickness is 1,25 mm.

Exclusive rosette models can be made for a specific customer according to drawings and plans provided by them, or according to plan developed by Dmitry Zhevlakov. The minimum number of such models varies from 70 to 140 pieces, depending on the length of the design.

In addition to guitar rosettes Dmitry Zhevlakov makes mosaic purfling for various parts of the guitar, namely: top purfling, back purfling, side purfling, back center seam mosaic, headstock mosaic and tie block mosaic.

These purfling correspond to the design of the concrete guitar rosette. The thickness of the purfling is 1,25 mm., the width is 2,5-4 mm. (depending on the model). The guitar top, back and side purfling have 800 mm. lenth.